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This is the basement where the Home Theater will be.

Another view of the basement. The ladder will be stairs leading up to the garage above.

Another view of the basement. The basement was built with the theater in mind.

Just before starting.

Thid is an early drawing. Hopefully I will be able to finish this 3D simulation later.
This shows the three floors and deco walls and ceiling.
It will be Halo H2582 scones on the walls.
Framing is started.
Did it all alone, so sometimes need a hand!

All framing are glued together.

The funny hole in the backwall is for cancy counter, coke machine and popcorn.
This wall separates the HT from the long room.

The framing missing to the right are for the equipment rack.

Getting a little help from Pernille.
Insulation is almost in place. 100mm in all walls. Gypsum boards are next.
Vapour barrier is after insulation and the first layer of gypsum board. Two layer are needed in the theater.
Gypsum board are comming up. My friend Claus was helping this day.
Almost finished with second layer gypsum.
Only corners are missing second layer.
Top layer of the proscenium.
The concrete floor is not even!
100mm (4") insulation against the concrete.
The concrete floor is not even. It is around +/- 1,5cm ( 0.6") so I need to cut the proscenium frame to match the floor :-(
This is the lower level of the proscenium. The front of it is missing.
Insulation is in place. 100mm (4"). There will be heating in the proscenium, like rest of the floor.
Now the upper layer is in place. The front is in place here. It will have a round front when finished.
The proscenium will be filled with sand. Around 3000kg. I need to get it into the basement :-(
Now the front of the proscenium is finished. I need to make it "sand-tight". All wire pipes will come out of the front and go under the floor to the equipment room.
The front is made of two parts. The angle is calculated using AutoCad, because the center is way outside the room.
This is the two m3 that needs to be filled in the proscenium. It is dryed sand and I got it cheap :-)
It need to go this way into the garage (HT is under it).
Then tip the sand of in this funny looking thing.
And it goes this way, and into the theater.
And down into the wheelbarrow. The hole in the wall is the candy counter.
Christian in front of the proscenium filled with sand. I will soon add the first layer of 22mm particle board. You can see the pipes for speakers, screen, power, subs sticking out of the back wall. The pipes are comming out of the proscenium on the left side. They will go to the equipment room, behind the theater.
This is where the stairs and the equipment room will be.
Insulation and vapour barrier in place.
This room has nothing to do with the theater. Dennis thinks there should be a "ticket booth"; (hidden door) at the end!
This is where the rubber feets are going to be placed. As you see, different cut levels because the floor is not even.
There are 9 2x4" for the lower level floor. Two different rubber heights are used.
This shows the different rubber feets mounted on the 2x4".
This expansion thing is used for mounting the 2x4" on the concrete ceiling. They are 160x10mm.
Now I'm started on the ceiling. It is not much fun doing alone!
The lower layer floor is now even. The floor is floating on rubber feets, each with different heights to compensate for the concrete floor.
Another picture of the floor. You can see different heights on the rubber feets.
4" insulation between the 2x4". Two layers of 2x4" with insulation for each level.
Another shoot of the second floor level.
You can see the curved front on the second floor here.
This is the lower floor.
This funny looking floor is for the heating pipes. Special alu. plates will cover this floor. Vapour barrier is under the 1x4" and 1" particle board will come on top of it.
Almost ready for screw and glue the third level.
This shows the front of floor level 2. Conduits for Buttkicker, power, PlayStation and more.
This is some of the front for floor level 3.
Conduits from the proscenium is running this way. Conduits to the left are from the front of level 2.
Level 3 is under way. No more insulation when you need it!
"Air" photo of level 1, 2 and 3 under way.
Example of the Acad drawing I use for construction. Everything is cut and made according to this.
Insulation in fourth layer finished. All wood for fifth layer ready.
Fifth layer finished. All conduits in place, but again no more insulation!
Now the upper level is ready for the final particle boards.
Still missing the heating in the floor.
This is the front of the upper level. Outlets between each chair (for power, buttkicker, playstation and more)
This funny looking thing is the front of level. This is a real problem marking where to cut!
The centrum of this circle is 10 meters away and thus outside the basement. This is drawn in ACAD and then printed on several sheets.
Floor is getting somewhere!
Not finished with the front of 2. level floor.
Closeup of the 2. level floor's front. Insulation and outlets are missing.
Here are the outlets for buttkicker, playstation, power and whatever.
The marking of the "real" front. The black marking is made with help of the big paper thing shown earlier.
Another shot at the 3. level.
Particle boards on the three levels are comming into place.
I did cut a inch from the real line. I will wait with the final cut until the floor is glued and screwed.
A lot of outlets behind each chair.
A quick overview.
At last. The floor is finished. Well, almost. Heat is missing!
"airview" of the floor. You can see where the seven chairs are going to be placed.
We got the gyosum boards down in basement today, thanks to my friend Claus.
First layer on the proscenium is cut. Again Claus helped with that.